A great day in Lincolnshire – Federation Inter Counties 2018

The 2018 Federation Inter Counties Championships at Heckington Show, Lincolnshire- Sunday 29th July

This event turned out to be a very lively affair with all weights hotly contested…..Well done to David Ling for organising the event!

Eight teams took part in this years Inter. I unties: LCS – West Midlands, Wymondham A and B – Norfolk, Royal Marines and the Royal Navy – Devon, Hadleigh – Essex, Harmston – Lincs, Diesel Power – Shropshire with Six Counties represented!

Judges: David Ling, John Lennon and Kevin Wilson.

450k 3+3
Gold Diesel Power Silver Wymondham A Bronze Wymondham B

Gold Diesel Power Silver Royal Marines Bronze Wymondham A

Gold Diesel Power Silver Royal Marines Bronze Wymondham A

Gold LCS Silver Wymondham A Bronze Royal Marines

Gold LCS. Silver Royal Marines Bronze Hadleigh

Diesel Powers Competition Results 15th July 2018

Results from Diesel Powers Competition – Sunday 15th July at Market Drayton

Thanks to John Lennon and Kevin Wilson for Judging and Sophie Cornish and Caroline Newbury for recording!

450 kilos: Winners Diesel Power – Halkin – LCS
480 kilos: Winners Diesel Power – Halkin – LCS
525 kilos: Winners Halkin – LCS – Diesel Power
C/W : Winners Halkin – LCS – Diesel Power

Overall Winners on the day:
Halkin 10 points – Diesel Power 8 points – LCS 6 points

Results of National League Event 1.7.18

A great afternoons pulling at Triple F on Sunday 1st July 2018 saw the following results achieved:

450k    1st LCS   2nd Diesel Power  3rd Triple F

480k   1st Deisel Power  2nd LCS  3rd Triple F

525k    1st  LCS  2nd Deisel Power  3rd Triple F

420 3+3   1st Triple F  2nd Deisel Power

C/W  1st  LCS  2nd Deisel Power  3rd  Triple F

Points: LCS 11  Deisel Power 10  Triple F 6

The Overall Winners on the day were LCS

Thanks to Judges: Kevin Wilson, Steve Goss, Gavin Eades and John Meakin, and to Gail Eades for Recording!

Cancellation of SOME Fixtures:

Cancellation of SOME FIXTURES:

Due to work commitments, a shortage of pullers with some teams, and others otherwise engaged, it has been decided that the next three fixtures (taking us up to the end of June) will have to be cancelled. It is a sad situation, but these difficulties leave the event organiser’s with no other choice……. HOWEVER ………the fixtures will continue as normal as from the very beginning of July!

July 1st at Triple F at Newport Pagnall, Bucks
July 15th at Diesel Power at Market Drayton, Shrops.
July 29th at Heckington Show (Inter Counties) Lincs.

2018 Federation AGM – Fixture list will be posted soon!

Tug of War Federation AGM – Sunday 21st January 2018 – 11am Burntwood Rugby Club, West Midlands

Apologies: David Price, Diesel Power TOWC, Dave and Jo Osbourne, Olney TOWC.

Present: Sean Jose, Kevin,= Wilson, Henk Kruse, Sean Lennon, Helen Jose Teams Represented: LCS and Triple F

A general discussion took place about last years AGM, there were no matters arising.

Election of Officers: The following were elected into or remaining in office for the next 12 months:

Chairman: Shaun Jose  Vice Chairman: Henk Kruse President: David Ling  Secretary: Helen Jose Treasurer: Steve Gardner  Treasurers Assistant: Kevin Wilson  Web Site: Steve Gardner

Fixture List: The Fixture list was discussed and put together. The Fixture list will be posted shortly, there are still a few matters and venues to be confirmed!

A general re cap on the current rules in practice:

It was stressed that it is important for the teams to support each others events, there was an occasion last season where and event had to be cancelled as no one was planning to be present, this is very hard for teams to cope with.

There are no affiliation fees currently for Teams or Individuals!

Entry Fees at events: It is £7.50 a weight for all teams who wish to compete, with a maximum cap of £30 payable, so teams can enter as many teams as they want, A teams and B teams etc, all weights…it will only cost a team £30 Max!

Any of the weight classes (apart from the 3+3) a team of 8 ladies can compete against the 6 a side teams so long as they make the weight class!

Other Discussion Points:

The Federation Trailer and its Contents:                                                                                                                                                                   It was agreed that the contents be taken to different places to be used and stored etc. BUT the trailer should be sold!  The trailer can be sold to anyone within the Federation for £150, ot to anyone outside the Federation for £200!

Medals for the National Championships:                                                                                                                                                                     It was agreed that as the Federation is okay for funds, the National Championship Medals should now be a bit more expensive / better quality. This will be looked into, with a view to getting some for this year’s Championships!

The Annual Trophies: It was commented on that some of the main awards are looking a bit tired, some damaged and broken. It was agreed that these awards will be collected in a month earlier this season so they can be refurbished/replaced where needs be!

The 2019 AGM:                                                                                                                                                                                                             It was agreed the AGM can take place in March, there is no need for it to be January these days as the season doesn’t start until May. So a date for early March 2019 will be selected!


Federation A.G.M. – 2018

The Federation AGM will take place on Sunday 21st January 2018


Venue: Burntwood Rugby Club, The Sportsway, Burntwood, Staffs. WS73PH

Meeting will start at 11am

If you want to raise anything please send it to the Secretary (Shaun Jose) at least one week before!

Sunday 27th August – 33rd Federation National Championships – Burntwood, Staffs.

Wow.. what a day, the weather was amazing, an out and out frazzler…. but despite the heat the pulling was electric also.

Well done to Shaun and LCS for putting on the venue. Chief Judge was Steve Gardner with Karen Gardner acting as recorder. Assistant Judges were John Lennon, Steve Goss and Kev Wilson.

450 kilos Gold winners were 3 Regt with Triple F in Silver and Diesel Power in Bronze positions

525 kilos Gold Winners were Olney with 3 Regt in Silver and Triple F in Bronze position.

450 3+4 Gold medal Winners were LCS with Diesel Power in Silver and Olney in Bronze positions

480 Kilos Gold Medal Winners 3 Regt with Olney in Silver and Triple F in Bronze position.

C/W Gold Medal Winners were Triple F with Olney taking a silver and 3 Regt taking Bronze

The Winners of the ‘Most Sporting Team Trophy’ were Diesel Power who had arrived with a bare six, and pulled with that very light team in all weights!

See Results Page for full details and medal winning team photos!


Get Ready for the Big One!


Federation National Championships…

Sunday 27th August

Venue: – LCS TOWC Hosts: Burntwood Rugby Club
The Sportsway, Burntwood, Staffordshire WS7 3PH

450kg,480kg,525kg,CW, 450kg 3×3

£10.00 P.W. W.I. 11.00, F.P. 12.00.


Final Standings and Award Winners for the 2017 National League

The Overall Final Results of the Federation 2017 National League after all 7 legs:

2017 450k: Diesel Power, Shropshire 11pts, R/Up LCS 11 pts, 3rd Deisel Power B 6pts

2017 480k: Triple F, Bucks 14pts, R/up Deisel Power 10pts, 3rd LCS 7pts

2017 525k: LCS, West Midlands 18pts, R/up Deisel Power 13pts, 3rd Triple F12 pts

2017 C/W: LCS, West Midlands 15pts, R/up Triple F 11pts, 3rd Olney 4pts

2017 450 3+3: Olney, Bucks. 5pts R/up Deisel 3pts 3rd LCS 2pts

Well done to all the teams that took part in the National League Events:

LCS 53pts, Triple F 41, Deisel Power 38, Olney 25, Halkyn 15, 3 Rect RLC 11, LCS B 8, Deisel B 8, LCS C 4, Nantwich 4, Blunham 2, St Pats 2, Triple F B 1

The Overall 2017 Season Champion of Champions Trophy was awarded and presented to: LCS