2018 Federation AGM – Fixture list will be posted soon!

Tug of War Federation AGM – Sunday 21st January 2018 – 11am Burntwood Rugby Club, West Midlands

Apologies: David Price, Diesel Power TOWC, Dave and Jo Osbourne, Olney TOWC.

Present: Sean Jose, Kevin,= Wilson, Henk Kruse, Sean Lennon, Helen Jose Teams Represented: LCS and Triple F

A general discussion took place about last years AGM, there were no matters arising.

Election of Officers: The following were elected into or remaining in office for the next 12 months:

Chairman: Shaun Jose  Vice Chairman: Henk Kruse President: David Ling  Secretary: Helen Jose Treasurer: Steve Gardner  Treasurers Assistant: Kevin Wilson  Web Site: Steve Gardner

Fixture List: The Fixture list was discussed and put together. The Fixture list will be posted shortly, there are still a few matters and venues to be confirmed!

A general re cap on the current rules in practice:

It was stressed that it is important for the teams to support each others events, there was an occasion last season where and event had to be cancelled as no one was planning to be present, this is very hard for teams to cope with.

There are no affiliation fees currently for Teams or Individuals!

Entry Fees at events: It is £7.50 a weight for all teams who wish to compete, with a maximum cap of £30 payable, so teams can enter as many teams as they want, A teams and B teams etc, all weights…it will only cost a team £30 Max!

Any of the weight classes (apart from the 3+3) a team of 8 ladies can compete against the 6 a side teams so long as they make the weight class!

Other Discussion Points:

The Federation Trailer and its Contents:                                                                                                                                                                   It was agreed that the contents be taken to different places to be used and stored etc. BUT the trailer should be sold!  The trailer can be sold to anyone within the Federation for £150, ot to anyone outside the Federation for £200!

Medals for the National Championships:                                                                                                                                                                     It was agreed that as the Federation is okay for funds, the National Championship Medals should now be a bit more expensive / better quality. This will be looked into, with a view to getting some for this year’s Championships!

The Annual Trophies: It was commented on that some of the main awards are looking a bit tired, some damaged and broken. It was agreed that these awards will be collected in a month earlier this season so they can be refurbished/replaced where needs be!

The 2019 AGM:                                                                                                                                                                                                             It was agreed the AGM can take place in March, there is no need for it to be January these days as the season doesn’t start until May. So a date for early March 2019 will be selected!