A Memorial Presentation for Glyn Lawrence

We met with the Wife and family of Glyn Lawrence, who lost his life to Covid a few months ago. We were of course careful to social distance etc, but came together for a brief moment for a photograph.
We had long planned to do something to mark Glyns time and work with the Federation, holding out for when times are better…but at the moment we cant tell when that is going to be so we decided to present the family with a beautiful engraved Crystal Glass Vase.
Glyn was a long time pulling member of the Holland TOWC in the 80s and 90s and into the noughties, and then became a Judge. Glyn was always a big help and very supportive to the Tug of War Federation, and spent quite a few years towing the Federation Control Centre around from event to event.
In the Holland Tug of War Club: ‘family’ was always fostered as a very important thing, and Glyns family, every member of them, were either pullers or officials:
Glyns Wife Sue, was a long standing Federation Time Keeper Recorder, his eldest daughter Hayley was a time keeper recorder too. Then sons Martin and Charlie and daughter Catrina were all pulling members of the team ….6 members of the family and all involved in Tug of War, a Tug of War family through and through, so well done Glyn for your support for tug of war and the Federation, and the leadership of your wonderful family.
Shaun Jose in his official capacity as Chairman presented the memorial vase to Sue, and then we had a quick group photo of the whole family. RIP Glyn, we hope you would have felt proud looking down upon us!
Shaun with Sue
The Group photo
Glyn with the team in 1985 (2nd from right on the back row)
Glyn Judging at a Federation event
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