Final Standings and Award Winners for the 2017 National League

The Overall Final Results of the Federation 2017 National League after all 7 legs:

2017 450k: Diesel Power, Shropshire 11pts, R/Up LCS 11 pts, 3rd Deisel Power B 6pts

2017 480k: Triple F, Bucks 14pts, R/up Deisel Power 10pts, 3rd LCS 7pts

2017 525k: LCS, West Midlands 18pts, R/up Deisel Power 13pts, 3rd Triple F12 pts

2017 C/W: LCS, West Midlands 15pts, R/up Triple F 11pts, 3rd Olney 4pts

2017 450 3+3: Olney, Bucks. 5pts R/up Deisel 3pts 3rd LCS 2pts

Well done to all the teams that took part in the National League Events:

LCS 53pts, Triple F 41, Deisel Power 38, Olney 25, Halkyn 15, 3 Rect RLC 11, LCS B 8, Deisel B 8, LCS C 4, Nantwich 4, Blunham 2, St Pats 2, Triple F B 1

The Overall 2017 Season Champion of Champions Trophy was awarded and presented to: LCS