Leg 3 – National League, Burntwood, Staffs. 21st May

A pleasant afternoon at Burntwood Rugby Club for Leg Three of the Federation National League. Sadly neither Olney, Triple F or Diesel Power were able to make the event and so in the absence of any other teams it was a good job LCS had a full squad and were just able to make three teams for each weight meaning that they at least got some good pulling.

Karen Gardner was the Recorder and Steve Gardner and his crutches was the Judge. After the pulling was over maximum points went to LCS A team with the B team as Runners up in each weight and team C a valiant third.

C/W Winners LCS. A. R/ up LCS B

It was the same result for the other three weight classes ( despite many three Enders) ….the 480 kilos the 450 kilos and the 525 kilos.

Points earned on the day
LCS A 12 points
LCS B 8 points
LCS C 4 points

Overall Winners- LCS A R up LCS B. Third LCS C

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