National League Finals – Sunday 13th August – Newport Pagnall

Much fun was had at the final league event with the Sky Sports Cameras certainly causing a stir. The business of the day though was to win as many points as possible to add to the seasons totals and see who would be crowned the Champions of each weight class and who would win the R.W. Ebdon Champion of Champions Shield:

The Final League Days Results were:

450 kilos: Winners LCS R/Up Olney
480 kilos: Winners RLC (3 Regt.) R/Up Triple F 3rd LCS
525 kilos: Winers RLC R/Up Triple F 3rd LCS 4th Olney
C/W: Winners RLC + Triple F 3rd LCS 4th Olney
450 3+3: Winners Olney R/Up LCS

Overall Winners on the day RLC (3 Regt) R/up Triple F 3rd LCS

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